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2019 Entry

Devil o’ the Highlands Footrace 2019

Race Date: Saturday 8th August 2020 (6:00am start)


Entry Limit:  500

The places will be on a first come first served basi is now full and no further places will be offered to runners on the waiting list.  Sorry to those of you who have missed out.

Event Terms and Conditions


By entering the event you have declared I:

1) Am physically prepared for this competition, in good health, not suffering from any injury or physical defect likely to be aggravated by my participation in the event. During the race, should I suffer from any injury, or any other incident that could seriously damage my health, I will inform the organisation as soon as possible. 

2) Am aware that this type of competition will take place in a rural setting which is often difficult to access and control, which carries an additional risk to the participants. Therefore of my own will and initiative I take the risks and consequences derived from my participation. 

3) Agree that I participate voluntarily and under my own responsibility during the race. 

4) Agree to abide by the race rules and conditions, and abide by the medical advice given by the race medics.

5) Agree that I will inform the organisers prior to the event if I have any previous medical history of the following: Heart problems, asthma, epilepsy, irregular heart beat, diabetes, collapsing during exercise, high blood pressure or kidney problems.  Agree that all entries are subject to assessment by the event medical team.  In the event that the medical team decide that you should not take part a full refund will be issued.

6) Authorise the race organisation to use any photo, film or recording taken of me provided it is exclusively related to my participation in this event. 

7) Understand that my race number is personal and non-transferable; therefore no other participant or person may use it in my place. 

8) Understand the refund policy:  

  • Up to 1st June 2019, 90% of the entry fee will be refunded if you withdraw

  • After 1st June 2019 no refunds will be given.

  • No deferrals or transfers to other runners are permitted.


9) Am aged over 20 years on race day.

10) Agree that the organiser’s decision is final in all disputes that may occur prior to, during, and after the event.

11) Agree to not use any form of oral NSAID such as ibuprofen, diclofenac, naproxen etc before or during the event. The organiser authorises the medical team to consider excluding any runner who is found to have used any form of oral NSAID. If a participant has been medically prescribed such medication then they must declare this in the medical section of the entry form. Any runner found to have any such medication in their possession during the event may be withdrawn immediately and disqualified from the event, unless they can show the medication has been prescribed by a medical professional.

12)  Agree that if the organisers are forced to cancel the event for any reason, they will do all they can to arange a different date for the event.  If this isn't possible then all runners will either be offered a partial refund or a discounted entry for the 2020 event, taking into consideration expenditure on cancelled event. Please rememeber that the event is non-profit making and the organisers do not get any payment for their time.

The event will be run under Scottish Athletics Rules & will be covered by their event insurance policy.

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